Water Jet Cleaning

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Sierra Chemicals has the effective and timely capability of cleaning with high pressure (20,000 – 40,000 psi) water. We are skilled and knowledgeable with multiple disciplines of water jet cleaning. When injection treatment and chemical cleaning cannot restore your systems then mechanical cleaning may be your only choice outside of extremely expensive vessel or system replacement.

Lancing Heat Exchanger Tubes

We have the cutting edge technology of automation lancing. Stoneage Autobox ABX 2Lprovides the appropriate engineering controls to eliminate the need to hand lance, making the lancing process safer and more efficient. Using the Autobox allows for continuous forward and backward 2-lancing cleaning. For those special, hard to reach vessels with costly interference, we still have the ability to hand lance smaller heat exchangers.

Line Mole Pipe Cleaning

Sierra Chemicals has the ability to clear those pipes fouled with hydrocarbons, scale, or fouling from unknown sources. The pipe diameter is not an issue, from 1/2-inch to 40-inches we have the equipment and knowledge to get your system flowing properly.

BJV (2D Tool) slow rotating tool which runs on a tracked centralizer that expands to fit the diameter of piping inside diameter.

2”Badger (2D Tool) self-rotating high-speed swivel designed for cleaning pipes/tubes with bends and long radius elbows, such as U-Tubes and process lines.


Shotgun Exterior Bundles and Vessel Channel Heads

With two different shotgun heads we have the flexibility and diversity to clean on the surface and at tube bundle depth. The rotating two head shotgun tip effectively removes seating surface scale and fouling. Our shotgunners are protected by a 40,000 psi shroud and Turtle Skin personal protective equipment.

3D Head Tank Cleaning

With our 3D Head tank cleaner we eliminate the need to enter the tank or vessel. Permit Required Confined Space Entry becomes obsolete and the significant cost of rescue services is not applicable. The high volume and high pressure jet streams cut through the toughest fouling inside these tanks. We have the significant advantage of adding H2S and Explosive Gas chemical inhibitors while we clean.