Quality Assurance

Sierra Chemicals understands that no company is perfect, however if a company fails to measure their performance and adapt, then the company fails to perform. Sierra Chemicals does not limit quality to the final product presented to our clients. Quality extends to our internal processes, sub-contractors, as well as the Quality Assurance (QA) process itself. To that end, we continue to develop our QA process.

Quality Assurance is the systematic process of verifying whether a product, service, or process is meeting specified requirements. Quality Control (QC) is an aspect of the QA process that provides a means to detect and measure variances of quality during output of a product. Sierra Chemicals does not produce a product, we provide services. Our QA program will provide an objective evaluation of processes and associated work services. Project QA activities ensure that:

  • Services meet the appropriate standards and requirements
  • Processes are performed as documented
  • Non-conformances found are identified and the appropriate corrective action is taken
  • QA results are reported to the appropriate managers and personnel
  • QA effectiveness is measured

Sierra’s Quality Assurance philosophy is based on Lean Six Sigma’s DMAIC process. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

Quality Assurance

  • Define the problem, process, and customers of the process.
  • Measure baselines to characterize the problem or current state.
  • Analyze the process; collect data to determine the root causes of defects.
  • Improve solutions to remove/reduce sources of the problem. Confirm with data.
  • Control by maintaining the gains with documentation and monitoring the process.