How We Help Our Customers

Sierra Chemicals is a leader of innovation in these fields with over 22 years experience. Our vision is to create a company that solves the problems of our customers.  That is easy to say, and very difficult to achieve.  The greatest part, is that our solution was always looking back at us.  Our customers are the model. Sierra Chemicals is effective at working within our customer’s policy and procedures.  So, we built and continue to build a company with the same structure that great employees want to work for.

Human Resources

We help our customers, by our dedicated human resources department that understands our biggest investment is our people.
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Our operations have over 22 years of experience and is constantly honing our procedures to ensure that we put the best people, equipment, and process out into the field.  We embrace risk taking under strong compliance to generate new development. Our people are the best trained in the business and are given the continued opportunity to advance.  This is done through mentorship, continued education, and non-industry specialty training.
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Why would any client want to work with contractor with a lesser standard safety culture than their own?  We don’t know why either, so our dedicated in house HSE director commits everyone’s efforts to make sure that we never let that standard down. Sierra Chemicals supports the culture of employee driven safety.
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In a world where between texts, emails, phone calls, and video it may be rare that you see a person when you need to communicate.  Sierra Chemicals understand communication is the key element to a successful customer/vendor relationship, which benefits both parties greatly. This has provided an opportunity to solve issues at a much faster speed, but we realize that the face-to-face consultation between client and contractor can never be replaced.  Where ever you are we have someone there to serve you. Contact us to see what Sierra Chemicals recommends, based on your needs.
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Nothing says a job well done better than data that confirms the job’s success.  Our teams are trained to diagnose your issues and work towards your goals of gaining back efficiencies.  We have case studies, testing procedures, and return on investment (ROI) models that can give our clients the justification and peace of mind that their dollars were well spent.
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Sierra Chemicals did a great job cleaning our fin fans when they were due for cleaning. They were professional, courteous and did everything that was asked of them from a safety and quality aspect. The jobs were planned appropriately and went smoothly. The follow up call after the work was complete was good as well. It was an opportunity to discuss any positives or negatives that could be addressed for future work. I would recommend Sierra Chemicals to anyone who has fin fan cleaning needs.

Plant Manager, MPLX Plant – PA