E-6 Technical Data

This product meets the Green Seal™ GS-37, Standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use, 2015, 7th edition. It is recommended for use with a 1:64 dilution factor of chemical to water. Allowing the chemical to foam up during use provides the most effective application technique.

Industrial Cleaner

  • E-6 has exceptional surfactant properties which lower the surface tension between solids, semi-solids, and liquids, making our state of the art industrial cleaner a highly effective option for some of your toughest fouling problems.
  • E-6 is environmentally-preferable and readily biodegradable. Our chemical has been evaluated by one of the toughest 3rd party agencies around. E-6 is Green Seal™ certified and has met the rigorous requirements of the Green Seal™ Standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use (GS-37). Green Seal™ evaluation procedures meet ANSI, ISO 14020 & 14024, and GENICES standards of acceptance.
  • E-6 is diluted from an approximate 20% active ingredient concentration down to 0.4% concentration for use in the field. The foaming properties of our chemical at this concentration is impressive, thus penetrating some of the smallest diameters between fins and equipment.
  • At this dilution concentration, coupled with its highly effective surfactant capabilities, E-6 is untouchable when comparing performance and environmental safety to any of our competitor’s industrial cleaning chemicals.
  • Because our cleaning technique implements low pressure, high volume water rinsing after chemical application, debris is effectively washed out between fins. This eliminates physical damage to your equipment as compared to high pressure washing. Further rinsing of the fin fan dilutes the active surfactant chemicals of E-6 below 0.4%.
  • When the final, extremely low concentration of E-6, chemical is exposed to the atmosphere’s always present 21% oxygen it rapidly biodegrades within just a few days. Making the E-6 active ingredients very difficult to detect and creates an environmentally friendly chemical.
  • E-6 has an end use pH of 8-9 when applied as a foam. This alkaline pH aids in the cleaning process for other organics trapped between the fins. The after rinse dilution process further lowers the pH to near neutral.
  • E-6 is not flammable or combustible even at its highest concentration. It has virtually no incompatibilities to react with and will not create a flammable atmosphere. Simply put, E-6 is not a fuel source.
  • E-6 is safe for use on most metal and non-metal surfaces. No discoloration or reactivity occurs on the surfaces it is intended for. A final, high volume water rinse of the E-6 is always required after the initial application.
  • E-6 is one of our most versatile surfactant cleaners Sierra Chemicals has to offer. Its effectiveness and environmentally responsible qualities has been proven time and time again.

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