Introduction to Sierra Chemicals

Well, here we are in the middle of a pandemic, that resulted in a negative double-digit price drop in oil. The price has rebounded a little since its low in April and we are hoping for continued growth. This 2020 year has been a challenge to say the least, but we are so grateful to still be answering the calls and doing what we can to help our customers with problems in their facilities.

Hello, I’m David Navarrete, National Sales Manager at Sierra Chemicals. I have been at Sierra for 3 years and I have to say this year has been different. Different doesn’t mean bad, it’s just different. I know 2020 has challenged us to be better, work harder, hire and train smarter, be resourceful, and above all else be grateful. Being grateful for our customers, amid this pandemic, that they still have continued faith and trust in Sierra Chemicals to enter their plants and get their facility functioning at the highest level. We know, understand, and are prepared for the trials and at times, tribulation, that this year may present. Within all this, we will continue to work hard to provide the work and performance our customers need, and have come to expect from Sierra Chemicals, LC.

Our first blog at Sierra Chemicals is meant to set a tone for what you might expect monthly. With this year being so firmly set in the pandemic and a wounded economy, we hope to provide a useful, insightful and always entertaining read for our site visitors.

Sierra’s monthly blog will be created and centered around a specific service or function we provide, and how this service can help our customers. Other times, our blog will be written on why Sierra is a great place to work. At a time when companies are searching for a true sense of value, we intend to convey and demonstrate this through our blog series. From our Director of Research and Development, Daryl Hiller, to our newest Account Manager, Danielle VanZeebroeck, many will have the opportunity to insightfully tell our story of value.

David Navarrete
National Sales Manager
Grand Prairie, TX